Introducing the RS-1: Break Free From The Pack

At Campworks, we believe that adventure is for everyone. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the RV-1, our latest addition to the family of adventure trailers. The RV-1 can be reserved today and will begin shipping in...

Dell X Campworks: Powering the Future

The NS-1 from Campworks has been featured in Dell Technologies recent global ad campaign where we were asked to push further and utilize tech to build a resilient future. The NS-1 was featured in Dell advertisements that played during the World Series. So what was the camper in the Dell ad? The NS-1, a fully electric, self-sufficient adventure trailer. Free yourself from the gird and adventure forever.

Leave No Trace: Drive an RC Car

The sport of off-road driving has all the makings of a good time. You find a beautiful road, get to utilize the full capacity and capability of your vehicle, and overcome some really difficult terrain...

Nomad Manifesto: Principles to Live Where You Are

Nomad Manifesto 1. We embrace a lifestyle of mobility and flexibility. 2. We are explorers, seeking the unknown and the extraordinary. 3. We are entrepreneurs, creating opportunity wherever we go. 4. We are innovators, finding...

Redesigned NS-1 Helps EV Drivers Own Their Power Grid

Campworks introduced the NS-1 last year, and with the help of Dell Technologies, Inc, has redesigned its product a year later, expanding their mission to deliver an evolutionary product and vision. "We were challenged to...

The Mental Health Benefits of an Inclusive Outdoor Escape

Camping to Connect is a BIPOC lead immersive, experiential, youth mentorship program.

No Such Thing as "Sustainable"

What is a sustainable blanket? That is the one your grandma might've made by hand.

Modern Nomads: the Path to an Abundant Future

We embody the possibility of living off grid, on the move, among nature.