No Such Thing as "Sustainable"

No Such Thing as "Sustainable"
"Sustainability" is consistently thrown around by companies around the globe; it sounds great. But let's get real, a world founded on overconsumption (at it's all time high) doesn't magically become "sustainable" overnight. Maybe we switch a material here, donate money there. We get to have our cake and eat it, too; that's the dream outcome for most organizations sustainability mission.

We have all of the tools, knowledge, and efficiencies to build a resilient future. But why is it that we so often stare down these problems and think we can just side step them? We certainly can build an abundant future.

What is a sustainable blanket? That is the one your grandma might've made by hand. Bonus points if they used natural fibers. And if your grandma crafted that blanket from raw material, picked, spun, and sewn... then you have a sustainable grandmother.

At Campworks, our vision for the future embraces the technology of today but encourages minimalism moving forward. We know we can have a more abundant future, we're just convinced we have to build it like your grandma might have (if she wasn't stuck fighting for her right to vote). And remember that abundant doesn't necessitate "more."

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