Modern Nomads: the Path to an Abundant Future

Modern Nomads: the Path to an Abundant Future

If there is anything we learned from the past two years amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that our current systems and ways of living are not a given. Often, we are taught that a singular path through life is the only acceptable option. But we know that isn’t true. The crisis hit society’s standard way of life hard and allowed us to imagine futures down other paths and other living modalities. At Campworks, we are nomads. We embody the possibility of living off grid, on the move, among nature and family, and with sustainability as our priority.


We are passionate about collaborating toward an alternative future, and our minimal, durable, versatile, and compact Nomadic System is the epitome of that priority. So many people come to us asking more about the nomadic lifestyle of the future, the community we have, and how we are doing what we do. In this blog post, we will introduce you to our collaborative partners. If you are interested in sustainable and nomadic living, you’ll love to learn about what they do as they embody the spirit of adventure and an alternative future.


Redefining the equipment for a nomadic life.

Working to craft the perfect camper, we took inspiration from the innovations and products created by Front Runner, a brand that sells large camping gear such as roof racks, load bars, storage solutions, water storage, batteries, and refrigeration solutions. With so many innovative products under their belt, and a track record of serving NGO’s and the UN, as well as recreational campers and families, we turn to them as an icon of a compact, efficient use of space. Plus, we love their story and have a shared vision for the world; foundedaround a campfire on an adventure in South Africa, a group of friends with various engineering and design backgrounds decided to dedicate their lives to innovating creative solutions for vehicle travel, enabling people to have reliable equipment and live a nomadic life on the road, without hesitation.


Innovating new energy sources.

For us, living off grid and on the go also means living sustainably and in right relationship with the earth and its resources. The main challenge? As always, energy sources. We look to the brilliant minds at the Wunder Institute who have created a restored Mercedes G-Wagon and engineered it to run on a newly invented biofuel. Repurposing the scrap from a chocolate company, the biofuel is one of the most efficient and clean energy options on the planet andallows their project to operate with the health of the world as the foundation.


Remembering our roots.

By living a sustainable lifestyle, we hope to be giving back to the world in an ethical fashion. All too often we are obsessed with technology, social media, and ‘the grind,’ and lose touch with our essential needs: food, human connection, sleep, and water. We admire the philanthropic achievements of Barebones. As a brand that creates down-to-earth products that allow us all to connect with food and nature through durable, beautifully crafted camping gear,and cooking equipment, their tools make our connection to the food and the fire even more possible.

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