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The NS-1 is 100% electric

Designed and tested with the sustainable adventurer in mind, everything in the Nomadic System is powered by the sun and built with quality materials. This allows you to adventure further off the grid while being confident and comfortable in all conditions.

The NS-1 is Solar Powered. This is an icon for solar power.

Solar Powered

Every component in the NS-1 runs on electricity. Best in class solar panel and battery technology provides you with clean energy to live sustainably off-the-grid.

The NS-1 holds Water. This is an icon for water.

Water & climate

Experience comfort and ease of living anywhere. The NS-1 boasts a 17 gallon water tank providing instant access to hot water and in-cabin climate control.

The NS-1 is Off Road Ready. This is an icon of a wheel and a symbol for offroading.

Off-road ready

Have the confidence to explore further off-the-grid with an overbuilt trailer, seamless composite body, BFGoodrich KO2's and a Timbren 3500 HD axle-less suspension.

The NS-1 has an Induction Stove. This is an icon for induction cooking.

Camp Kitchen

Your NS-1 is the campsite and the kitchen. We thoroughly believe the memories you make on the adventure will be about the company you keep and the meals you share.

The NS-1 is Winter Ready. This is an icon for a snowflake and symbolizes winter.

Winter Ready

The NS-1 was designed with Colorado's four seasons in mind. The seamless, leak proof composite body, acoustic wall panel insolation and electric in-cabin climate control provides year round comfort and reliability.

The NS-1 is Instantly Setup. This is an icon of a clock symbolizing efficient setup times.

Instant Setup

Well almost instant setup. The NS-1 camp is designed to be easily setup and broken down so that you can spend more time enjoying your adventures.



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