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The first fully electric overland camping experience.

camping reinvented

The 100% solar powered Nomadic System One

The NS-1 has been designed and tested with the sustainable adventurer in mind. Everything in the Nomadic System is powered by the sun and built with the highest quality materials to last a lifetime. This allows you to adventure further off the grid while being confident and comfortable in all conditions.

We strive to be the leading designer and producer of camping experiences.

One hundred percent solar powered.

Fully, 100% electric. Powered by the sun. That means heated interior, hot water, and all your cooking with no gas. That means no more frustrations with empty tanks or the wind putting out your flames. Our innovation absolutely does not stop there. Experience the true future of camping.

A reimagined outdoor experience.

Create memories, cook food, build relationships. Live mobile and work remote. Our campers are a way for you to create a lifetime of adventure and health with your loved ones. We believe that the less you leave behind, the longer you will stay out and that the more time you spend outdoors, the more memories you’ll make along the route.

The confidence to explore further.

We build campers that are durable, capable, and equipped for any adventure. With good ground clearance, an overbuilt rigid frame, an insulated one-piece body, and craftsmanship from a bygone era the NS-1 is built to make it there. You can explore anywhere, anytime. At Campworks, quality is never sacrificed.


Stories of electrified adventures with the NS-1


We guarantee everything that we make

We build to a standard that seems to have passed us all by. Our warranty backs a product meant to hand down to the next generation. View our warranty

We take care of our team

Our manufacturing floor is built for our team. Learn more about our foundation that focuses on improving mental health in manufacturing. The Kenny Drums Foundation

We give back for every sale

We’ve pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. We also partner with Leave No Trace. Check out 1% For The Planet